Know Your Limits: Family Version


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The Know Your Limits (KYL) target is an essential part of a fun and tactical shooting competition. This version is family friendly for young, new and experienced shooters. It’s designed for .22 long rifle rounds, pellet guns, BB guns and Airsoft so you you can have fun in your backyard or on the range.

The challenge consists of shooting at a series of steel circular targets ranging in size from 2″ down to 1/4″. Competitors start by shooting the 2″ target and work their way down to the 1/4″. Points are scored for each hit. You can stop at any time and keep the points you have accumulated. But if shoot and miss, you lose all your points.

Our Know Your Limits package comes with a stand, complete set of targets from 2″ down to 1/4″ and 2 extra spacers. It is tension adjustable to limit the number of rotations each target makes when it is hit. Made from hardened steel, the target is rated for .22LR at 50, or BB and Airsoft at any safe distance. Price includes the three paint pens required for touch-up.